R. Stahl Tranberg AS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of products, systems and services for explosion protection as well as marine applications. Backed by 116 years of experience, we address the most challenging requirementsreaching from Subsea to Helideck Lighting, from Offshore to Onshore within the international Oil & Gas, Pharma, Chemistry and Marine industries.
Some facts: 

- Superior local service in Oslo and Stavanger
- Customized and complex Ex application engineering
- Reach from R&D and design over production until international project execution
- Fast delivery due to local production and stock for the entire product portfolio


Ex workshop specialized in complex Exe, Exd and Exp engineering and panel building

– 32 employees
– 1800 sqm


Factory focusing on R&D, Heat tracing, High Voltage, Marine and Helideck applications

– 62 employees
– 3500 sqm
Why choose us: 

-We develop and test our products in close cooperation with our customers.
-We provide customer oriented service and shortest possible delivery time.
-We use only durable, high quality materials.
-We quickly adapt to changing demands and are committed to excellence.
-Our cost efficient solutions ensure exceptional performance under all climatic conditions, from arctic cold to tropical.