Press Release: “Circle” & “H” (C&H) Lights


Tranberg announces the launch of the most advanced

“Circle” & “H” (C&H) Lights for marking

Offshore Helideck Platforms


Stavanger, Thursday, 13th of November 2014:

Tranberg AS announces today the worldwide product launch of the new CHLITE Touchdown/Positioning Marking fully applying to CAP437, 7th Ed. with Amendment.

Lit Touchdown/Positioning Marking (TD/PM Circle) and Lit Heliport Identification Marking (“H”) system according to the CAP 437 Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas

The CHLITE Helideck Lighting Solution is a cooperation between Calzoni S.r.l. – founded 1834 in Bologna-Italy (today an L-3 Company) and Tranberg - founded 1901 in Stavanger-Norway (today member of the R.Stahl Group).

Combining the extensive company experience of Calzoni S.r.l. – addressing the extremely demanding Aerospace & Defense market and Tranberg AS, which is the worlds leading helideck lightning solution provider for maritime and Oil&Gas Offshore applications – resulted in a superior product which is designed and manufactured for hazardous and non-hazardous areas within the international maritime and Oil & Gas offshore industry.

The CHLITE Helideck Lighting Solution has been tested extensively in house to meet the high quality and reliability standards of Tranberg and Calzoni. The main customer benefits are maintenance free Helideck Lightning Solution, which is extremely easy and fast to install, since no over-deck junction boxes are required.


The CHLITE Helideck Lighting Solution is ATEX certified, suitable for Zone 1 and 2, Marking: Ex II 2G Ex mb IIC T6 Gb and will have IECEX and CSA beginning of 2015.


Main customer benefits:

  • Quick installation
  • Factory sealed LED lighting element
  • Easy to install: Minimum impact on helideck surfaces  with no over-deck junction boxes
  • Extremely low profile (20mm), under the required specifications
  • Versatile Installation: Cable routing above deck or below deck
  • No metallic parts: Corrosion free high performance resin suitable for both aluminium and steel decks
  • Antislip surface
  • Low power consumption
  • High Reliability
  • CAP437 Compliant 7th Ed. with Amendment
  • ATEX certified , suitable for Zone 1 and 2 , Marking: Ex II 2G Ex mb IIC T6 Gb




Company Information

Tranberg AS:
Leading provider of heating, lighting and enclosure systems for the oil and gas industry, Tranberg AS was established in 1901 in the Norwegian oil capital of Stavanger. Over the years, Tranberg has developed its products and services, and today designs, manufactures and supplies high quality electromechanical products for use on ships and offshore installations. Its location right in the centre of North Sea oil and gas operations has meant that Tranberg is in close proximity to most of its main clients, and as a result the company can develop and test products in close co-operation with customers.

Tranberg is part of the German based R. Stahl Technology Group which is one of the leading suppliers of explosion proof equipment.

Contact details
Per Helgeland, Phone: +47 51 57 89 00, Fax: +47 51 57 89 50, e-mail:info@tranberg.com
Tranberg AS, Strandsvingen 6, P.O.Box 8033, N-4068 Stavanger Norway



Leading company in the Aerospace & Defense market providing advanced solutions for Marine Handling & Lighting.

Calzoni offer unique capabilities of integration of mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and optics to respond to evolving Customer requirements through innovative products, processes and technologies.

Calzoni aviation lighting systems are already installed on ship flight decks, heliports, airports, portable runways, offshore platforms worldwide. Calzoni offer advanced solutions for safe approach and landing of aircrafts in every environmental and operational conditions.

Calzoni is part of L-3 Communications Corporation (NY, USA).