R. Stahl Tranberg  AS delivered Medium and High voltage connecting systems for use in hazardous areas for several large projects. We can also offer solutions used at refinery installations and Non-Ex areas, such as manufacturing of approved enclosure systems for Topside Umbilical Termination Units or assembly of complex Umbilical cables.


High Voltage Enclosure systems

Our knowledge and experience for these solutions has resulted to develop Medium Voltage Enclosure also for minor cable diameters, i.e. 2,5 - 35mm2.
These are named as Tranberg A-Block solutions.
Our flexible and effective process gives a competitive price for our type TEF1060 HV Solutions.

System Solutions - Ex workshop

We at Stahl and Tranberg are ready to discuss your Ex needs for standardized solutions or customized solutions. Our structure will support your requirements both for small fast orders as well as bigger more competitive project orders. Our team of knowledgeable engineers can help to find efficient solutions for both Automation as well as Electro panels. Supported with our wide range of components and enclosures we can design and build all Ex protection methods.

With our knowledge of North Sea requirements you can rest assured we will provide fit for purpose solution at a competitive price. Our Norwegian workshop is approved to build ATEX and IECEx, and with our Factory in Stavanger our capabilities are even stronger now than before.

For your projects abroad we can also build UL, CSA, TR and more at our factories in Germany and The Netherlands.

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