TEF 1060 BUS-BAR System


The CU Bus-Bar System system is developed and standardized up to 11kV, and is certified by notified body according to ATEX and IECEx.
The High Voltage solution with tinned copper bus-bars combined with the use of Ex-certified Isolators.

3 different types of bus-bar solutions:

• Type-R is with Rectangular bus-bar

• Type-C is with rectangular bus-bar assembled in a Curved frame system

• Type-G is with G-profile bus-bar


• Designed for one cable in and one cable out each phase
• A cost effective solution
• Designed for max 300mm2
• Max load 432A
• Available with certified cable cleats
• To withstand Short-circuit for even 50kA


• Compact solutions
• Designed for max 4 cables each phase
• Designed for max 300mm2
• To withstand Short-circuit for even 50kA          
• Max current load 960A

C-Profile (Curved):

• Easy installation
• Adjustable bars to compensate for bending radius
• Can be delivered up to 2100 A
• "Unlimited" numbers of cables


Technical Data

• Standardized for bottom side entries
• All CU connection Bars are tinned
• All products delivered with Tranberg cable glands
• Bright chemical dip surface threated
• Material: AISI316L


• Lifting lugs, Certified to Standard 2.7.1
• Short circuit devices
• Tranberg Enclosure Heater with thermostat
• Cable Cleats
• Optical Fiber Termination
• Padlock facility
• Exi Safety switch
• 3-phase or Single core Plug-in solution
• Non-Ex solutions
• Customizing for top- or side entries
• MCT frames
• Gland plates
• Ex Enclosure heater



Classification: For use in Hazardous areas Zone 1 or 2, or in safe area.
Atex-Certificate: Presafe 14 ATEX 4124
IECEx Certificate: IECEx PRE 14.0001
Marking Atex: Ex II 2 G Ex d e IIC Gb/Ex II 2 G Ex eb IIC/ Ex II 2 G Ex e mb IIC Gb
Marking IECEx: Ex d e IIC Gb/Ex eb IIC/Ex e mb IIC Gb

Compliance with:
EN 60079-0:2012 / (EN 60079-1:2007)
EN 60079-7:2007 / (EN 60079-18:2009)
IEC 60079-0:2011 / (IEC 60079-1:2007)
IEC 60079-7:2006 / (IEC 60079-18:2009)