Topside Umbilical Termination Units


Single core contact system in a combined MV/LV/FO solution. The LV/FO compartment is welded in the MV compartment to simplify dismantling and installation of the umbilical. Outlets and service from the outside provides easy access to the LV/FO compartment.

• High voltage enclosures up to 36kV
• Signal cable junction boxes
• Fibre cable junction boxes
• Complete and customized solutions
• Light weight
• Cost effective installation
• Short delivery times
• Zone 1 Exe max 11kV
• Zone 2 Ex nR above 11 kV
• Exd or Exp for use in Zone 1 above 11 kV

Type of protection

• Zone 1 Exe max 11kV
• Zone 2 Ex nR above 11 kV
• Exd or Exp for use in Zone 1 above 11 kV

Technical Data

• Standardized for bottom side entries
• All CU connection Bars are tinned
• All products delivered with Tranberg cable glands
• Bright chemical dip surface threated
• Material: AISI316L


• Lifting lugs, Certified to Standard 2.7.1
• Short circuit devices
• Tranberg Enclosure Heater with thermostat
• Cable Cleats
• Optical Fiber Termination
• Padlock facility
• Exi Safety switch
• 3-phase or Single core Plug-in solution
• Non-Ex solutions
• Customizing for top- or side entries
• MCT frames
• Gland plates
• Ex Enclosure heater


• Power distribution for subsea applications
• Hazardous areas
• High voltage solutions
• Solutions for windmills
• Arctic environment
• Saline atmosphere


The series TEF1060 is the most flexible enclosure system. The enclosures are often used for RIO systems, switching and distribution panels and high voltage solutions. The dimensions span from 200x200x125 mm upwards by 25 mm each direction, making it the perfect tool for customized solutions.

• IP66 up to 2200x1000x700mm pr section
• Stainless steel AISI316
• Doors with or without hinges
• Door stoppers
• Cam locks or screws
• Pad lock solution
• Gland plates
• Windows
• Lifting lugs
• Voltage detection Multi-contact termination for Ex nR and Exp solutions
• MCT’s or cable glands
• Base unit for installation on floor
• Brackets for installation on wall
• Internal mounting plate in AISI316L
• Ex Enclosure Heater

Single core contact system cabinet with Enclosure Heater
and Optical Fiber Termination

Solution for multi-contact termination

Single core contact system

Installation on site

Ex nR solution for 11kV 3x240mm2

Cabinet for Optical Fiber Termination (Ex op is) integrated
in High Voltage cabinet

3-Phase 11kV Plugable solution,Max 3x240mm2